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Making Your Outgoing Links Safe

We are the best link protecting and link converting service.We provide website owners the best possibility to get Safety through their outgoing links to software, Android Applications, iOS Applications downloads without hampering the user experience of the visitor.Our layout is made so that visitors will be able to download,visit and get transferred to desired site without any difficulties, they just need to decrypt (convert) the link since its encrypted to protect the link from being copied.
We made the encrypted page keeping in mind the visitors from mobile,desktop,tablets and smartphones so that they will be able to download,visit or transfer to their desired website easily.We also have incorporated unique features like while converting the link we remove all the robots,trackers who want to track your visitors and outgoing link’s private data.You don’t need to download any software or application to use our service.The link decrypt/conversion page would automatically recover the original link of your document,pdf,software,application,files or anything you wanted to visit or download.

Our Unique Features

Make Your Links Safe

We have some Unique Algorithms which helps visitors by removing robots and other trackers on the visitor from using their private data like browsing,downloading etc., and in return the Owner would be benefited as his/her site gets revenue share from that outgoing link and you will get full insurance that you will not be tracked while visiting the download links to software, applications sites.

Maximum Security From Us

Get Maximum security for your download links, outgoing links to other site for which you don’t want your users to get tracked.You won’t get this type of security from any software,extensions or plugins that to absolutely free.So getting download links to any software or site is safe,easy,efficient and reliable.If you would require a rar or zip opener software please download it to open your required files.

Free & Simple Installation

We have Plugins and JavaScript Code with simple installation instructions.Just download the plugin or copy the code.And you are ready to go.We provide updates for our Plugins and for the JavaScript code to make you earn more and protect your outgoing links. So you will be notified of the new versions just download them and Earn more.
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