How can my site benefit from using shortened urls?

Shorten long urls such as:

Into a shorter version such as:

Then post to Twitter, Facebook, send via email, use on your existing website, advertising, affiliate links, the uses are endless.

How can I view how many visitors have clicked on my short url?

You can see details stats including unique visitors, visiting countries, browsers and more by adding ~s onto the end of your short url.

Can I Automatically Geotargeting My Shortened Links?

Yes. If you have different pages for different countries then it is possible to redirect users to that page using the same URL. Simply choose the country and enter the URL From Shortened Url Advanced Options.

Can I protect my short with a password?

Yes. When creating the url, specify a password within the \'password\' input. The visitor will be prompted to enter the password when the visit the url.

How many urls can I create?

There are no limits on the amount of urls you can create.

What are the benefits of registering an account?

View and manage all your short urls in one place. Easily view your url statistics and share your urls through social media.

What is the policy on duplicate IP visitors?

In order to maintain high quality traffic for our advertisers and keep our payout rates as high as possible, we have only count downloads from unique IP addresses.

Can I click my own links?

Whenever a click on your link is counted, it is first checked as a fraudulent click. A fraudulent click may include; a click from your home IP address, a click from an IP address in which your account has been logged in with, clicks from proxies, clicks from bots, clicks from automated software, and/or any other type of click we determine as fraudulent. The traffic we send to our advertisers needs to be high quality and we have performance metrics built into our system to track all of our users. Traffic that is deemed as fraudulent is not of good quality and can result in a ban.

How do I get paid?

Currently our methods of payment are PayPal. Any PPV rewards will take a day to clear within your account. Once your cleared rewards are over $10.00 you can request a payment via your account. Payments are made on the 28th of every month.

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